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2017 Columns

What changed to finally get America's attention on sexual harassment and abuse?
December 29, 2017: What is it about this specific moment that has made people ready to accept and act upon the reports of abuse and harassment that, frankly, always have been there for us to hear?

What #MeToo taught me I was doing wrong about sexual harassment
October 17, 2017: I thought that if I behaved, I had done my part and didn't have to worry about sexual harassment. I was wrong.

How colleges are using adjunct instructors to rip off their students
October 9, 2017: With colleges using low-paid adjunct instructors, tuition paid by struggling families is now subsidizing wealthy institutions, instead of the other way around.

Making sense of the senseless, when you can't troll with prejudice
October 2, 2017: Let's head to the local coffee shop and listen to some old white men try to make sense of a mass shooting committed by one of their own.

Why theme parks need to punch up their satire
September 24, 2017: Few forms of entertainment get people talking as much as satire does. But great satire isn't just making fun of people. You've got to know who and what make for appropriate targets.

Which do you hate more: your cable or health insurance company?
September 12, 2017: Let's at least start talking about national health care. Because Americans deserve better than to keep being ripped off by the health insurance industry.

Americans don't believe in science - and that's okay
September 5, 2017: Hurricane Harvey last week demonstrated not just the power of nature, but also the power of scientists to forecast it. So why don't more people trust scientists when it comes to other important issues?

Flipping is ruining everything
August 29, 2017: People who have money to gamble are making more and more by flipping, while those who do not work harder and harder only to fall further and further behind.

It's just dumb politics to unfriend a foe online
August 22, 2017: What do you want? A better Facebook feed... or a better world in which to live? Because if we want that better world, we are going to need every friend we can get.

Letter to a white nationalist
August 14, 2017: If working-class Americans finally are to get the jobs and pay that they deserve, we've got to stop fight each with other and start fighting for each other.

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